Police Badge Toy - Police Badge Holder With Chain And Black Belt Clip

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Type: Toy
You’ve really got the feel of being a police officer with this Police Badge Holder! But don’t go taking on anything at all, you have to keep yourself safe too.
It includes a toy badge, belt clip and black chain so that it can be worn around your neck for everyone to see when you’re in need.
Keep them guessing by using this fun accessory to show your personal style while dressing up like one of the good guys (or girls)!

You won't believe how much fun it is to pretend that you're an undercover detective looking for somebody behind every corner with this Police Badge Toy.
From checking out suspicious beings in person or if they happen to hazard in front of you in real

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  • This police badge toy can be used for a costume or any costume party!
  • This amazing Police Badge features all the essentials for imaginative play to the next level.
  • It can be used by kids, teens or adults.

Insignia De Policía - Soporte De Insignia De Policía Con Cadena Y Clip De Cinturón Negro

  • ¡Esta insignia de policía de juguete se puede usar para un disfraz en cualquier fiesta de disfraces!
  • Esta increíble insignia de policía presenta todos los elementos esenciales para que un juego imaginativo llegue al siguiente nivel.
  • Puede ser utilizado por niños, adolescentes o adultos.