Halloween costumes for girls

The cutest Halloween costumes for girls

The cutest Halloween costumes for girls

Gone are the days when girls could only choose between a witch costume and a devil costume, nowadays you can find the widest variety of ideas to dress up for Halloween.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to dress up your kid for this holiday, check out our suggestions for Halloween costumes for girls.  

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If there’s something every girl has dreamed of at least once, that’s unicorns. These mythical creatures enchant us with their glowing, rainbow- colored manes and their distinctive horn, and little girls love to see them in their bedspreads, notebooks, towels and backpacks.

Girls love unicorns so much that it only makes sense to have your kids dress up as one! Just get a pair of white pants with a matching sweatshirt, a pair of shiny sneakers and a beautiful unicorn wig like this one.

She’ll end up loving unicorns even more.   

Inspiring Halloween costumes for girls

Costumes are not only meant for people to dress up as fantasy characters, it can also be the perfect opportunity to become who they admire and want to be for a day.

Keeping that in mind there are tons of professions your girl can choose from to dress up this Halloween, some of the most popular inspiring Halloween costumes for girls are: 

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Girls can dream of becoming whatever they want and as a parent you should be encouraging their dreams and helping them visualize themselves reaching their goals. After all, the sky is not the limit; and that’s why the perfect Halloween costume for girls is an astronaut.

A fluffy space suit with a matching cool helmet that your girl can later use to store their candy when trick or treating is not only an original idea, it’ll also be inspiring for boys and girls. 


Who says boys are the only ones who can be cops? Teach your girl how women can be powerful and brave too in a cool policeman costume.

A costume like this will make your kid feel empowered and capable of accomplishing anything, so make sure to include every detail like their policeman hat, handcuffs and a shiny toy policeman badge like this one


If your girl is constantly playing with her “sick” dolls and taking care of “injured” stuffed animals, a very cool way to encourage her to pursue her passion is to choose a doctor Halloween costume for girls.

With just a pair of white pants and a little robe she can play pretend her favorite profession on this day. Remember to also get a toy doctor’s kit to match the outfit. 

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Pumpkin Halloween costumes for girls

If you have a young girl and you want her to look absolutely adorable on this holiday, one of the coolest Halloween costumes for girls is the most known icon of the festivity: the pumpkin!

There are tons of fabric, fluffy pumpkins ready for your girl to use with a pair of green tights and a funny green hat.

To make your costume much more fun and for “pumpkin lovers” you can add nice details like a pumpkin LED necklace and of course don’t forget your trick or treating pumpkin bucket


When we speak of animal Halloween costumes for girls, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Kittens are considered by girls as cute, tiny and very stylish, why do you think Catwoman exists?

Putting together a kitten outfit for your girl is as easy as buying a black jumpsuit, black ballet flats, a fluffy tail, a pair of ears and a cute nose along with some whiskers. 

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With women’s movement being so public these days, there’s no better way than teaching your girl the real power of women than getting her dress up as a superhero (or superheroine).

Nowadays you  can choose from great characters such as Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Black Widow… you can even let your girl choose from male superheroes, after all women can do it all! 

There are hundreds of great ideas for Halloween costumes for girls, some of them are fictitious, some are cute animals, some are professions, but we assure you that all of them will make your kid very happy.

The scariest night of the year is also the most fun night of the year, so let your girl be whoever she wants to be while trick or treating! 

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