The best ideas for Halloween treats

The best ideas for Halloween treats

The best ideas for Halloween treats

There’s no way around this, when it comes to the scariest night of the year, the most important part of it are the Halloween treats. Yeah, it’s cool to dress up, scare people and go to parties; but at the end of the day you just want to go home and eat tons of Halloween candy.

If you are in charge of bringing some treats to a party, school or you just want to up your game and be the coolest neighbour with the best Halloween candy, keep on reading and you’ll find super easy recipes.

Mummy Oreo Cake Pops

The best ideas for Halloween treats


Starting of with the most spectacular of our Halloween treats, we are going to teach you to make Mummy Oreo cake pops. Firsthand you should know that, even though they look like they take up a lot of time, they’re really not that hard to make. With just one box of Oreo cookies you can make the most awesome Halloween candy.

Take a cookie and open it carefully, then put a tiny wooden or plastic stick and close the cookie again with it inside. Careful not to drop the cookie, dip it in white melted chocolate and put the cookie on a parchment paper and let it cool or even put it on the fridge for a while.

When it’s fully dry you can take the melted chocolate again and “draw” tiny lines, simulating the mummy’s bandages, don’t forget to put on a pair of candy eyes on your mummy or draw them using dark melted chocolate. You’ll have to be careful but the result will be pretty cool.

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Crunchy Halloween Treats: Dracula’s Teeth

The best ideas for Halloween

Making such a cool looking Halloween treat was never this easy. Honour the king of classic scary movies with these funny Dracula’s teeth. This simple recipe requires only 3 ingredients and can even be made by little kids! 

You just need to take 2 medium or large sized cookies (preferably plain sugar or with no chips) and spread a good amount of raspberry or strawberry jam on them. The trick here is to put a bigger amount of jam on one side of the cookie.

Then you take about 8 small marshmallows and place them on one cookie, on the side that has less jam (don’t forget to make the fangs!). The last part is to put both cookies together and you have yourself a cool Dracula smile.

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Cheese Mozzarella Bones

Halloween treats

Just because you’re making Halloween treats doesn’t mean they have to be super sweet. Maybe you don’t have a sweet tooth or maybe you just already bought tons of Halloween candy, either way it’s always a good choice to have some salty, tasty treats. That’s why mozzarella bones are the perfect snack!

Take a regular mozzarella stick and slice them just a bit from both ends, then spread the cut ends so you can form a bone shape.

Next you just have to dip them in a mix of butter and egg and toss them in bread crumbs, put them in the oven for about 20 minutes and they’re good to go.

We should warn you this is not the best Halloween treat if you’re giving away candy, but they will look amazing as snacks on a platter for a party.

The easiest Halloween Treats: Ghost Bananas

If you think this day is already filled with Halloween candy and processed food, honestly you’re right. Though classic Halloween treats are amazing and always enjoyable, you can also opt for a healthier yet delicious option.

Ghost bananas don’t require much thinking (even naming them was easy), you just have to cut bananas in half and place a pair of eyes and a mouth on them.

What they’re made of is really up to you as long as it’s black coloured, you can try cutting tiny pieces of licorice, making a chocolate frosting and letting it cool over the banana or you can shop for tiny eyes and mouths at a bakery goods store of you’re feeling lazy.

As you see, creating original, dashing Halloween treats doesn’t have to be such a big deal and you don’t even need the fanciest of ingredients. If you have the right tools you might even just need a pack of Jell-o like this.

Just put your imagination to work and check your pantry before you start, after all any kind of food could become a treat!

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