Pumpkin carving design ideas for this Halloween

Pumpkin carving design ideas for this Halloween!

Pumpkin carving design ideas for this Halloween!

The pumpkin is an essential element in Halloween celebrations, these refer to the Will-o'-the-wisp, those phosphor lights that are seen at night in some places, such as swamps or cemeteries, floating a short distance from the surface.

This is a very fun activity to do with the little ones and here in KINREX, we will show you some ideas to decorate Halloween pumpkins this year. We can carve the pumpkin with basic or elaborate designs, always opening it first at the top or bottom and emptying the pulp.

It is also necessary to know that not only can it be carved with holes, some areas can be left bare, with a thin layer, through which the light will also pass. This way we will have different shades of light.

The pumpkin has to stand on its own at the base, so you must check it before paying at the checkout. Choose the one with smooth skin, as it will be much easier to work with.

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This activity is suitable to do with children as long as an adult is supervising. The tasks of this type of decoration involve the use of the pumpkin carving kit that you can find in our store, so if they are young children it is better that you do that part by yourself.

To empty the pumpkin, go to the back of it and, with the help of the tools provided in the pumpkin carving kit, cut the lid of the pumpkin. Once the lid is opened and separated from the rest of the head, proceed to empty it of all the seeds and pulp.

The area of ​​the pumpkin that you have chosen for the face is important that it is a little more polished on the inside, with a thickness of 2.5 cm at most, so that it is easier to do.

Before you start cutting your face gestures, paint them so that you can see if it is the desired effect or something needs to be modified. Once you have it, you only have to work on the pumpkin carving design and the knife to be able to cut the pieces.

Coat the edges where you cut the squash with petroleum jelly to prevent or delay drying. If you want to give it the final touch to your pumpkin carving design, you just have to insert a candle inside the pumpkin, light it and close the lid of the head.

Pumpkin carving design ideas for this Halloween

Prepare the pumpkin candles

Candles are another of the fundamental elements of Halloween, and they cannot be missing. Putting a candle inside the pumpkin enhances the terrifying face you have drawn, well, it can also create some great ghostly shadows for tonight.

The candles that you can place inside the pumpkin can be basic, and even you can use LED lights. You can also light the pumpkin around, protecting the candles, so there is no accident.

Halloween pumpkin: decorating ideas

In this section, we want to show you some atypical Halloween pumpkin carving design ideas. We all know that they can be turned into a terrifying image, but you can also get a very personal pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin in the shape of a cat

A great option to enjoy these festivities with the children or to create something simple is the use of modelling clay. The image that we present below is an opportunity to create something sweet, a very different decoration from the typical Halloween in which you can see pumpkins transformed into kittens.

They are very easy to make, you only need modelling clay or felt to make the cat's face like a pumpkin carving design. For this you can use different types of materials, from fabrics to markers, cardboard, felt, etc. Be creative!

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Try making this fun pumpkin with the children that are decorated as if it were a pirate. You can do the facial expressions you want as the pumpkin carving design. Also, with a little black fabric or felt you can make the pirate hat, the moustache, and the patch.

Halloween pumpkin with spiders

And for those of you who want scary pumpkins, nothing like decorating them by painting and carving spiders on them. Even try painting the pumpkin so that it loses its natural orange colour. To paint the pumpkins in this way it is best to use a spray that will cover them completely.

Skeleton Halloween Pumpkin

For this type of decoration, you will need pumpkins of two types of size and a good hand to be able to do the pumpkin carving design of the different phalanges of the fingers.

Pumpkin carving design ideas for this Halloween

Pumpkin Halloween day counter

Pumpkins are not only used on Halloween night; they can also be the marker for one of the great events of the year. Just keep in mind that the area where the number is put is chalkboard paint, where you can write and erase every day.

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Decorate the house with pumpkins

Since we have worked so hard to design super cool pumpkins, now it doesn't hurt to know some tips about how to decorate your home with these pumpkins. The options are endless because, on a holiday like Halloween, any room becomes the perfect accommodation for this tradition and for the style that a decorated pumpkin brings to it.

There are many ways in which you can decorate your pumpkin, making the most of it naturally, or you can decorate it using other types of accessories and items that will enhance the terrifying aspect of them.

You will be able to find more inspiration so that you can create your own pumpkin carving design with a highly personalised decoration. You will see that there are several ideas that you can combine with each other to come with the scariest ones, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the more complexity you will require more time.

For this reason, to all those who want to make your pumpkins decorated naturally with a cool pumpkin carving design, we recommend that you do it well in advance so that you can perfect the result. In our KINREX store, you will find all the necessary materials so that the decoration of your Halloween pumpkin is a success!

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