Halloween Makeup Ideas for Amateurs

Unleash Your Inner Ghoul: Beginner's Halloween Makeup Ideas

Unleash Your Inner Ghoul: Beginner's Halloween Makeup Ideas

When Halloween starts getting closer you can't stop but think of a costume that covers lots of aspects: it has to be cheap, it has to be easy, but it has to be really cool or original.

Maybe it sounds like an impossible task especially with time being against you. We're going to share with you a little secret: your costume will look ten times more produced if you're wearing Halloween makeup.

Maybe it's because people will think you spent the whole afternoon getting your face to look amazing, but this trick never fails. You don't even have to be the best at makeup or drawing, you only have to follow some of this ideas for amateurs. 

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Halloween makeup for millennials: the Emoji

This is somewhat of a universal character more than a “millennial thing” actually, because practically everyone uses or at least has received emojis. Those funny faces that sometimes speak louder than words (or texts) are part of our daily routine and nobody has trouble identifying them.

So to get this Halloween makeup on point, take a bunch of skin-approved yellow paint and cover your whole face. Once you’re done with that pick your favourite emoji, or the one you think will be easier to draw, and start painting on yourself! It doesn’t matter which one you pick, the other basic colors you’ll need for any of them are white, black and red.

Clown: A classic Halloween makeup

This character has been portrayed many many times, lately in a very scary way thanks to the “It” reboot; but you don’t have to frighten everyone if you don’t want to. There’s also the funny, old timey clown costume. It might look like this Halloween makeup requires a level 2 in face painting skills, but it’s really very simple to make.

Start by covering your face in white skin painting, then take some red and mark outside of your lips an exaggerated smile and big circles in your cheeks. With some blue you can draw a line as straight as you can until you get from your eye to your eyebrows and then back to the eye to create a triangle. Put on a classic colorful clown wig and you’re good to go!


Popular Halloween makeup: President Trump

Even if you don’t have the best makeup and characterisation skills, this is one costume we’re sure you’ll pull of with no effort. Trump might be a character loved by many and hated by many others, but you sure can’t say the man is not a memorable and wacky person.

A Trump Halloween makeup simply requires some tanning product, orange-toned makeup or plain orange painting (Halloween makeup that’s safe for your skin). Be sure to cover your face well and try to create some creases for the forehead. Then you just put in a blond wig like this one and you've become the POTUS.


This Halloween makeup is especially adorable when done on children. Seeing a tiny cute person with grey hair walking with a cane can be quite funny and surely your kid’s costume will be the best of the night.

To get it done you actually don’t need a lot, just take a black eyeliner and draw age lines and creases all over your kids face (forehead, corners of the eyes, around the mouth), you can even put a little makeup with a darker tone to add sun marks.

Of course this costume won’t be complete without a pair of glasses almost hanging from the nose and a silver wig with a classic hairdo like the one your grandma or grandpa rocks.

So now you have 4 great ideas for Halloween makeup if you're a total rookie in this. Just be sure to have the right kind of painting and only use skin-safe products to avoid complications that might leave you looking like a real life zombie.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your idea! If it doesn't turn out right, a little bit of makeup remover will make things right. 

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