Halloween Candy ideas for Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween Candy ideas for Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween Candy ideas for Trick-or-Treaters

Trick or treating is one of the oldest traditions on Halloween. It started with simple children going door to door collecting candy, but it has since evolved into an event that everyone enjoys. Today, people of all ages want a night of trick or treating. 

This Halloween, give your trick-or-treaters some delicious candies! From classic favorites like candy corn and pumpkin spice candy to unique flavors like licorice root and yuzu lime, there's something for everyone. These treats are also creative and fun packaging, so pick something special for each kiddo! Here are unique candies ideas for trick or treaters:

1. Orange candy bags

It is an easy and fun way to hand out candy during Halloween. A simple idea that uses orange candy bags. Tie a ribbon on top of the bag and let trick-or-treaters fill their bags with their favorite treats! This is an excellent idea for families who want to keep things simple, and it's also perfect if you're short on time! Buy Light up pumpkin necklace.

Orange candy bags


2. Balloon stuffed with candies

Try some orange nine-inch balloons filled with your favorite bulk candy! These balloons do a great trick or treat and will surely be a hit with your kiddos.

Balloon stuffed with candies

3. Popcorn balls

Popcorn balls are a fun and inexpensive way to trick or treat this Halloween season. Make them by rolling small popcorn balls and dropping them into candy molds. Include colorful sprinkles, nuts, and other fillings for extra flavor. Tie the finished popcorn balls with black ribbon for a festive look. Read Cute Halloween costumes for teenage girl best friend.

popcorn balls

4. Halloween shape snack size candies

Snack-sized Halloween candies assortment is an excellent idea for trick-or-treaters. This assortment includes Hershey's, Reese's, York Peppermint Patties, and more. Stock up these tasty treats so your Trick or Treaters can have a Halloween they'll never forget!

Halloween candies

5.  Skittle shriekers sour Halloween candy

Skittles Shriekers Sour Halloween Chewy Candy is a treat for Halloween trick-or-treaters! This sour-tasting, fun-size bag of chewy candy will excite your little ghouls and goblins for a holiday. With a delicious mix of classic kittles flavors, these treats will have them shrieking with delight. Kittles Shriekers Sour Candy is perfect for anyone who loves their sweets but wants to enjoy them slightly more sourly. Buy Halloween candelabra.


6. Spooky hand

It's that time when the spooky spirits are out and about. And what good way to celebrate than buying food handler gloves, filling them with bulk candy, and tying off the fingers with orange or black ribbon? This is a fun activity for Halloween parties or just for fun in general. 

Spooky hand

7. Lei netting 

Orange Lei Netting is easy to find at most stores and can be filled with any kind of candy your kids love. If black is your style, consider using black lei netting as your bag decoration. This is best for those who want something more sophisticated than classic candy colors. Buy pumpkin carving tools.

Lei netting

8. Gummy candy body parts

No perfect way to enjoy Halloween than by getting your hands on some gummy candy body parts. These body parts are ideal if you're looking for a unique Halloween to excite your trick-or-treaters. And don't forget the bloody noses and eyeballs!

Gummy candy body parts

9. Twix cookies n cream

Two classic cookie combinations are coming together for Halloween this year: Twix cookies and cream. These two treats go great together, so include them in your trick-or-treat basket this year!

Twix cookies n cream

10. Sour Brite gummy worms

Sour Brite gummy worms are the perfect addition to any Halloween candy bowl. With a sour flavor, these stretchy crawlers will give your taste buds a sour treat they love. So whether you are trick or treating or want a little bit of sour in your life, sour-bite gummy worms are a good choice.

sour Brite gummy worms

11. Minions Halloween candy corn

The Minions' candy corn is made up of layers of banana flavoring. This makes it something unique and different from other Halloween candies. The Minion's candy corn will be a big hit with kids, who will love the fruity taste and interesting texture.

Minions Halloween candy corn

12. Kit Kat witch's brew

When it comes to trick-or-treating, there's nothing like a good old-fashioned Kit Kat Witch's Brew. Each wafer cookie is smothered in a layer of chocolate, made to taste like marshmallows.

Kit Kat Witches brew

13.  Reese's pumpkin

Reese's Pumpkin Chocolates are a popular choice for trick-or-treaters this Halloween. These chocolates are shaped like smiling jack-o-lanterns and come filled with chocolate and peanut butter goodness. Reese's Pumpkin Chocolates are a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while giving your Halloween party guests something special to enjoy. Check out Halloween candelabra.

Reese's pumpkin

14. Halloween candy corn

Whether you're giving or receiving, these treats are sure to please. But, if you're up to something different, try out flavored candy corn – that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. So whatever you do this Halloween, indulge in some of the best candy corn around!

Halloween candy corn

15. Halloween pumpkin bucket filled with candies

This Halloween, give your trick-or-treaters a sweet treat they will love with a pumpkin bucket filled with goodies! This clever idea is easy to put together and makes for an irresistible charm.

Halloween bucket

In conclusion, if you are looking for some great candy ideas for trick or treating this Halloween, check out the lists of suggested candies above. Then, have an unforgettable fun night celebrating with your friends! Read Halloween themed birthday party ideas for adults.

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