Cool Halloween party ideas

Trick or Treat Yourself: Creative and Cool Halloween Party Ideas

Trick or Treat Yourself: Creative and Cool Halloween Party Ideas

The best night of the year is getting close, it’s always filled with candy, big scares, elaborate costumes and of course, a great Halloween party.

These parties involve work, you have to decorate, get great food, drinks and entertainment. If you decided to host your own event but don’t even know where to begin, check out these Halloween party ideas and host the party of the year. 

Pick a palette for your Halloween party

We know there’s plenty of Halloween party ideas for decor and items and once you get to the store, you’re going to want to get everything to cover up every inch of your party with scary stuff but we urge you to stop and think for a second. Would you like a classic pumpkin and ghosts party?

Or would you rather go for a goth themed party with all-black decor? Once you decide the main colors to use in your party it will be easier to shop and make everything in your party. Get everything you need for your Halloween party here

Deliver awards to your guests

A Halloween party is ten times more fun when everybody joins the fun and makes an effort with their costumes, there’s nothing worse than throwing a costume party and only half of the people committed to the theme.

If you want to wake your guest’s Halloween spirit make sure to let them know there will be awards for the best/scariest/funniest/cutest costumes in the party.

The awards can be anything from candies, gift cards and the best motivator: a bottle of wine. You can go the extra mile and personalize your awards with stickers or little diplomas. 

Mix up some dark drinks 

Ahh, the life of the party, drinks! Let’s be honest, Halloween is the night of the year where the best adult parties happen, that’s why you can make your Halloween party the fanciest one by preparing spooky-themed drinks.

Get unusual liquors like black vodka, blackberry liqueur, cherry syrup, food colouring and all kinds of juices to create delicious cocktails.

You can kick it up a notch by placing plastic spiders into an ice tray and creating spider cubes! Just make sure to warn your guests so they don’t end up choking on a spider. 

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Halloween party ideas: make a spooky ambience

So, you’ve got your balloons, garlands, centrepieces, and tons of cool items to decorate your place; but you feel like there’s still missing some real Halloween party vibe. We have the perfect solution: smoke!

There are plenty of smoke machines which are perfectly safe to have near people, and the moment the smoke starts flowing through the floor and between your guests, it will set the perfect mood for a scary party.  Plus, if there are going to be children at your party they will have a bomb playing in the fog!

Sweet treats

Another great thing about Halloween (possibly the best thing about it) is the huge amount of sweets and treats you can enjoy guilt-free. Make sure your Halloween party is worth attending and fill it up with original treats for your guests.

Candy corn shaped brownies, candy apples with edible glitter, gelatin cheesecake brain (get the brain shaped mold here), bat doughnuts, eyeball cake pops, mummy bananas, the possibilities for Halloween treats is endless! 

If your party is kid friendly

Let’s not forget about the little ones! If you decide to throw a party that also includes children, make sure they don’t bore their eyes out.

Prepare games like pumpkin picking, print plane pumpkins so that they can “carve” them with crayons, bobbing apples, set a “make your bat puppet” station, get a ghost piñata for them to break and of course don’t forget to set up a “trick or treat” station filled with candy and their very own pumpkin buckets (you can get Halloween pumpkin buckets here)

These are just some of the many, many Halloween party ideas that you can incorporate to your spooky celebration to make it a huge success.

Whether it’s an all adults party with booze, dancing and grown-up fun or you’re having a family friendly party with entertainment for the little ones; there’s hundreds of ways to make it unforgettable. Happy Halloween!

Idea of a pumpkin carving contest as a fun and creative activity for guests

Pumpkin carving is a classic and beloved Halloween tradition that never gets old. A pumpkin carving contest is an exciting way to engage guests in the Halloween spirit while encouraging their creative talents. 

Here are some of the best reasons why a pumpkin carving contest is a perfect activity for your Halloween party:

  1. It's Inclusive: Pumpkin carving is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you are an adult or a child, everyone can participate in carving a pumpkin. Having a pumpkin carving contest at your party means everyone can enjoy the fun.

  2. Encourages Creativity: Carving a pumpkin is perfect for letting your creativity flow. Guests can use their imagination to create unique designs, ranging from classic jack-o'-lanterns to more intricate designs.

  3. Competitive Fun: A pumpkin carving contest adds an element of friendly competition to your whole Halloween party. Your guests can compete against each other to see who can come up with the best and most creative and impressive pumpkin design. The contest is a fun way to engage your guests with each other and the party.

  4. Interactive and Entertaining: A pumpkin carving contest is not just a fun activity for your guests; it can also be entertaining. Guests can gather around and watch each other carve their pumpkins, adding to the festive atmosphere of your Halloween party.

  5. Creates Lasting Memories: A pumpkin carving contest is a memorable activity that your guests will likely remember for years. They can take their carved pumpkins home as a keepsake and reminders of the fun they had at your party.

Overall, a pumpkin carving contest is ideal for bringing guests together and creating an enjoyable Halloween experience. 

Whether you have a formal competition or just let guests carve pumpkins for fun, it will surely be the best hit at your Halloween party. So why not add a pumpkin carving contest to your party plans and watch your guests unleash their creative side?

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