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Plastic Brain Jello Mold - Plastic Brain Gelatin Mold.

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Our latest invention! The Plastic Brain Jello Mold is a revolutionary brain jello mould that allows anyone to create their brain jello.Besides being able to create your brain jello, this mould is the perfect way to make brain jello for parties.

Besides being the easiest Plastic Brain Jello Mold, it is also the most fun and creative. It is the perfect gift for any occasion. The first time you use it, you will have a great time making your Plastic Brain Jello Mold.
When you make your brain jello, you can make as many different shapes as you want. This mold is versatile and will allow you to make your unique brain jello. It is perfect for any occasion.This mold is made of food-safe plastic. The entire mold is dishwasher safe and can be used for any type of jello.

The mold comes in two parts. You can separate the two parts by unscrewing the plastic piece from the metal piece.The plastic piece is a solid cylinder. The metal piece is a solid cylinder with a top piece that has holes in it. The holes are for the water to go through.

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Plastic Brain Jello Mold

To summarise, the metal piece has holes in it. The plastic piece has no holes in it.The metal piece has an opening in the top, and the plastic piece has an opening in the bottom.
Both pieces are designed to screw together. You can easily screw them together. There is a little plastic piece that goes between the two pieces. It helps keep the pieces from moving while you are screwing them together.

This mold is designed to make a cylinder shape. You can use the mold to make any shape you want.To use the mold, you need to fill it with jello, and then place the metal piece in the water. The plastic piece is just for the jello to come out of.

After you put the metal piece in the water, you will want to screw the metal piece into the plastic piece. The plastic piece is already in the water, so the water will start filling the plastic piece. The metal piece is not in the water, so the water will not fill the metal piece.

When the water starts filling the plastic piece, the jello will start filling the mold. The water will start filling the plastic piece. The jello will start filling the mold.

You can then take the metal piece out of the water, and the jello will start filling the metal piece.

  • Scare kids, teens and adults at your party with this awesome brain mold! 
  • Use this jello brain mold as a Halloween decoration and everyone would be amazed.
  • This Brain Mold measures 8.5" L x 7.25" W x 4" H

Molde De Cerebro - Molde De Plástico De Gelatina De Cerebro - Molde Jello De Cerebro

  • ¡Asusta a los niños, adolescentes y adultos en tu fiesta con este impresionante molde de cerebro!
  • ¡Use este molde de gelatina como decoración de Halloween y todos se sorprenderán!
  • Este molde para el cerebro mide 8.5 "L x 7.25" W x 4 "H