What is the most popular plush?

What is the most popular plush?

What is the most popular plush?

The market is filled with outstanding and flashy toys that perform all sorts of movements, play songs and even bright some shiny lights, but we can all agree that there’s nothing like a soft, cuddly plush toy.

Among stuffed animals there’s also a very wide variety of shapes and animals to choose from. If you want to learn what’s the most popular plush toy and how many people prefer them, don’t miss out on this article.


Based on online searches, the indisputable winner and the most popular stuffed animal is still the classic Teddy Bear.

With 40.6% of the votes, bears of all shapes and sizes are a very popular choice to give as gifts on birthdays, Valentine’s Day and when a baby is born. We can’t imagine adorable bears ever stop being the most popular toys in the toy store for any child!


The second place for the most wanted plush toy goes to the man’s best friend. Dogs are very popular with 15.9% of people searching for them online.

If you love to cuddle with your furry, real-live best friend, why wouldn’t you want to cuddle with the stuffed version of them? There are plenty of custom stuffed animals besides the classic brown dog with the fluffy ears.


Sorry, cat lovers! But you still don’t make the cut as the perfect fake pet. In spite of this, cats are the third most popular plush toy search on the internet with 11.7% of the total searches.

Cats are adorable with their long whiskers, their pink fluffy nose and their amazing little paws that make you want to bring to life your stuffed pet to cuddle with them all day long.

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Cute in real life, probably even cuter in the shape of a stuffed animal. Bunnies are another greatly popular plush toy with 5.9% of the total stuffed animal search online.

Bunnies are the perfect choice to give as gifts because of their long fluffy ears and their cute, pointy noses. Another benefit of having a stuffed bunny is you won’t have to worry about them eating your garden!


One of the most wonderful animals in the jungle can also be in your hands in the shape of custom stuffed animals.

Elephants are searched by roughly 5.5% of the people on the internet and they’re probably so popular because of the cuteness of their beady eyes, their grey paws and their long, soft trunks that could make you cuddle with them all night long.

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The silliest animal in the jungle jumps right into your bedroom to bring your kids countless hours of fun. People search for monkeys in 4.7% online in order to give them as gifts for their friends, family or even for themselves.

You’ll be able to find that monkeys are not only cute stuffed animals, their tails are also perfect for them to cling to your kids while they sleep or play in the garden.


The first mythological creature to enter our list are adorable unicorns with 4.7% of the total internet searches with purchase intent.

Unicorns are magical, bright, shiny and filled with wonder that enchant little girls all over the world. You can get custom stuffed animals with rainbow-colored tails and soft metallic hair that’ll make your kids dream everything can happen.


Another magical, mythical creature that will enchant boys and girls alike by being part of their favorite fairy tales, dragons are searched by roughly 4% of the internet population.

Dragons can be big or can be small, they can be short or can be tall, they can be soft and cuddly or rough and scary, there’s one for every type of child. But the thing about dragons is that they always bring a sense of magic to your kids’ life.


To be fair, these custom stuffed animals are among the family of bears, but they’re so characteristic and recognisable that they deserved their very own category. Pandas are very popular and are searched by 3.6% of people online.

Their adorable beady eyes hidden among those round, black patches in their face that match their black belly and paws make them almost irresistible.


At the end of our list we can find another adorable woodland creature that greatly resembles a cute dog. Foxes take up 3.3% of the internet searches.

Their soft ears and pointy nose are just one of the best things that could happen to you. Foxes make a great and unique gift for friends and family.

As you  can see, there are all types of custom stuffed animals out there. You only have to choose your favourite animal or the one you’d like to cuddle with the most and you’ll have the perfect furry friend by your side in no time.

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