Reasons you'll want to give your child a stuffed elephant

Reasons you'll want to give your child a stuffed elephant

Reasons you'll want to give your child a stuffed elephant

Elephants are animals that we have loved since childhood due to their noble characteristics that fit perfectly with a peaceful and tender image, which is attractive to children.

In the children's world there are stuffed animals of all kinds and for all tastes, and many children are often attracted to stuffed animals in the shape of their favorite animals. In this article we will talk about elephants and their characteristics, your child may be attracted to these beautiful animals and want to have a stuffed elephant as a companion.

When the word zoo is mentioned, many people may think of elephants as the first option, since due to their size and unique characteristics they are usually very striking animals.

For Asian cultures, elephants are synonymous with high intelligence and an excellent memory. They symbolize wisdom and royal power, which is why they are embodied in different statues, pieces of jewelry, ornaments, and sacred figures that the settlers carry or acquire with pride.

These characteristics make giving elephant stuffed animals a very good choice since when you think about giving that detail to a person you care about, you would be showing them that you see in them the noble and strong characteristics that elephants represent.

Elephants in popular culture

It is very interesting to know some parts of human culture that include or included elephants as a central and primordial image, this is another factor so children may be attracted to know more about these beautiful animals and want to have their own stuffed animal.

Elephants are represented in different characters, songs, and rituals of popular culture for different reasons, for example, "Heffalump" is a cute character from the Winnie the Pooh cartoon that appeared in a film created in 2005 under the direction of Frank Nissen.

The little purple elephant remained in the children's liking for a long time, which led to millionaire sales of items related to him and elephants in general.

Colonel Hathi is the leader of a herd of elephants that appears in the famous "Jungle Book". He is an older male who does not have much fondness for humans. You will surely remember him for his thick voice and his unwavering bearing.

This elephant has been one of the elephants most loved by children, and not so childish, for several generations: Dumbo is a story created by Walt Disney that tells the life of an elephant in the circus. This story began as a written play that was later adapted into an animated film produced by Walt Disney in 1941.

There is a literary work that was adapted into a feature film: "Water for Elephants", written by Canadian Sara Gruen stuffed elephants and later filmed by Francis Lawrence in 2011. There an old elephant takes place who receives training from Jacob, one of the characters.

Architects, painters, sculptors, musicians, athletes, writers, warriors, religious and filmmakers, to name a few, have turned to elephants as models of strength, grandeur, and loyalty.

Asian kings and emperors from ancient times worshiped elephants. They made them the protagonists of religious celebrations, they adorned them and worshiped them in rituals, they were faithful companions in court acts where their presence was a hallmark of prestige, and they also turned them into warriors.

Elephants as gifts

Burucúa and Kwiatkowski point out that when the Portuguese became political actors, fundamental in India and Southeast Asia, elephants became prized objects to give as gifts between monarchs.

Centuries later, they were also taken to the major modern circuses in London, Paris, or the United States, where they were often trained with cruel methods to do pirouettes and exercises in comedy steps.

Elephant stuffed animals are beautiful, their softness, how cozy, adorable and hug gable they are makes them the ideal companion for your little boy. The real benefit of stuffed animals is not simply that they help children communicate, share their feelings, and understand the world.

Stuffed animals are great because they teach children how to hug, how to be more affectionate, and take care of each other. After all, it is one thing to gain the skills and confidence necessary to make your way in the world and quite another to do it without a sense of compassion, love, and care for others.

So if you are thinking about what your baby's next gift will be, consider giving him an elephant plush, he will surely be very excited and you can find them in our store here at KINREX.