Ideas for this Thanksgiving Day, have fun with your family!

Ideas for this Thanksgiving Day, have fun with your family!

Ideas for this Thanksgiving Day, have fun with your family!

Preparations begin for the next national event, Thanksgiving, a tradition that unites all families. This year, the celebration will be on Thursday, November 25 and as we know it will be very different from what we are used to.

Due to Covid-19, security measures, and restrictions, crowds of people are not advised, so many families will have to divide to celebrate this great day.

Despite the circumstances, we must try to enjoy this National Day however we can. So first, at KINREX we give you some Thanksgiving ideas to decorate the house.

Some different stores and decorators can give us an idea of ​​how we want to show our home on that date.

Thanksgiving Ideas

Table decoration

We can have thanksgiving ideas for decorating the dinner table. Candles, logs, pineapples, and pumpkins can form a beautiful union and make our dinner as autumnal and elegant as possible.

Pumpkins are not only used on Halloween, but they are the quintessential autumn element, so we can use them to also decorate the Thanksgiving party.

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Food, the star of the night

As we know, the real star of this evening is the roast turkey. This is tonight's star dish that can be made in different ways: stuffed, with citrus, etc.

The turkey can be accompanied by a good garnish or fried or roasted potatoes. What cannot be missing without a doubt in this dinner is a good wine and a dessert.

A very typical dessert of this great day is the pumpkin pie. A classic and soft element that can be great for this great night.

Have fun with your family!

Finally, a different, very homely, and entertaining way to end the day can be by playing games as a family; whether singing, watching a movie or fashion series, or playing various family games, such as the typical karaoke.

Crafting for the kids

On the other hand, we present you with three different crafts. The first of them is this turkey made of cardboard and moving eyes, in addition to needing a marker to finish it.

You can always use this activity to put the things for which we give thanks on each of the pens. It is a good time for collective and individual reflection.

In our store, you can find a thanksgiving craft kit with which you can entertain the little ones in the house with crafts and have fun making and drawing their own turkey.

Decorated cookies

Desserts, whatever they are, cheer up the little ones in the family. Do not complicate yourself! Find semi-ready cookies and decorate them around the house.

Cook as a family

Assign shifts or tasks in the kitchen. The idea is that each member of the family feels useful and appreciated.

Play theater

Dress up your children and play in the theater. It is common for many families to recreate the "meeting" of indigenous and pilgrims that began on Thanksgiving.

Did someone say football?

Beyond the traditional Thanksgiving game, take your family outside and have your own party. In addition to helping them lower their bellies after such a meal, it will entertain them to the fullest.

Make “Thank You” cards

A nice way to teach your children to thank is by helping them make their own “Thank You” cards or letters. They will brighten the day of many close people!


While they wait for the famous turkey, what better than to organize a crafting marathon? With things as simple as toilet paper rolls or old rags, they can achieve beauty. Try it!

Look for pumpkins

Even if it's a little late for the traditional Pumpkin Picking, you can still go to the farms and pick your favorites. Then cook them to your liking!

Watch the parade together

Whether in person or on television, enjoying the traditional Thanksgiving parade is always exciting. Get up early and watch it over breakfast!

Turkey Trot

Find out if there are traditional Turkey Trots in your community. A way to keep the whole family moving… and they'll have fun like never before!

Help those most in need

An hour or two in a public kitchen will teach your children the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It is the best example you can give them.

The ability to thank is rooted in becoming aware of the present. This is precisely what “mindfulness” is all about, a type of Buddhist meditation that has become popular in the West. It is possible not only to practice it but to teach it to children.

The best way to start is by becoming aware of what we are experiencing. Smelling the flowers, coloring, savoring each food, enjoying it, and thanking it are everyday ways of doing “mindfulness”.

In fact, I think that children can be given even more naturally than adults, and we are the ones who must learn from them.

We know that this year Thanksgiving will be different, but for that reason, it will not stop being a perfect excuse to give thanks for the family.

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