Halloween Express: Pull off a cool costume without breaking the bank!

Halloween Express: Pull off a cool costume without breaking the bank!

Halloween Express: Pull off a cool costume without breaking the bank!

Let’s get real. You spend all year thinking about the perfect costume, you picture yourself cutting, sewing, painting and creating some super produced character to impress at your yearly Halloween party.

And even if you’re not the type of person who gets crafty, we bet you scroll through those awesome over-the-top costumes or even save cool Halloween costume pics when you stumble upon them months before the date.

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Then what happens? You just forget about it! Months go by and your super cool costume ideas start to dust (along with some of you New Year’s Eve resolutions, tbh).

Before you know it, Halloween is right around the corner and, yes, you have nothing to wear.

But hey, there’s nothing to freak out about, we’ve got you covered. With these awesome last-minute ideas for scary Halloween costumes you won’t have to spend too much and still look your best.

Welcome to our Halloween express guide!

Slave  Zombie

Nowadays there are zombie versions for virtually every character you  can think of, so why not take advantage of that and dress up as a slave zombie?

All you have to do is take some raggedy clothes (rip them a little more if you can), stain them with red, brown, black or other gruesome color combination, and put on a set of chains tied to your neck, wrists and ankles.

*You can get a set of chains here*

Bonus points on this scary Halloween costume if you have a little makeup talent and can give yourself a bit pair of dark circles,

a greenish tint on your skin and even some bloody scars around the chains. You’ll look as if you’re fresh from the dungeon!

Classic Halloween express costume: A cop!

Ever since Halloween for adults became “a thing”, people love to dress up as certain careers, whether something funny or something they wanted to be as kids, it’s an obvious choice that’s also pretty easy to put together.

As one of the classics we find the police costume. You just have to put together blue pants, a blue short-sleeved shirt, and any pair of black shoes you can find.

(If you’re a woman then you can also opt for a blue skirt or mini skirt for the sexy version) The most important part relies on your accessories, otherwise

no one will know what you’re dressed as and you’ll have people guessing on your costume all night long.

A pair of “cop sunglasses”, a fake mustache (if you’re a guy) and a simple “cop kit” with hat, badge and handcuffs and you’re good to go.


*Find a cool Police badge here*


Creepy Dr. Frankenstein

Getting back to scary Halloween costumes we can find one of the most represented characters: Dr. Frankenstein. (or just generic mad scientist)

As seen on any scary movie that involves a reckless monster and it’s nutty creator, all you have to do is sport a good ol’ scientist robe, lab glasses and a crazy hairdo,

just make it look like something exploded right in front of you (you can even try to fake burn marks or soot on your face).

Another good way to add the creepy sensation to your look is take your experiment with you, it can be a weird, mysterious creature; or even a Jell-o brain to break the ice and freak people out

Last minute scary Halloween costume: ran over guy/girl

Since we’re talking about Halloween express ideas, we can’t pass by one of the most popular last-minute costumes.

Sure, it has many names and comes in different shapes but the idea is the same: the dead guy/gal.

A fun twist for this Halloween classic is the ran over person.

Take some clothes that you don’t mind wrecking and tear them even more, rip them, stain them, whatever you can think of.

After that, find an old tire (even if it’s a bike tire) and rub some dirt or dark paint on it and then roll it over your clothes a couple of times.

If you want to get really invested in your last minute costume, you can even roll the tire on yourself (stomach, legs) and then put some fake blood around it.

The more creative you get the more realistic it will be!

Voila! You just learnt some of the easiest Halloween express costume ideas for your next party, most of the items required can already be found at home and specially in your wardrobe; but if not…

there’s always the white sheet for an old school ghost. Need some goods to make your last minute costume? Find some cool items here!