Acrylic paint tips for beginners

Acrylic paint tips for beginners

Acrylic paint tips for beginners

Acrylic painting is a painting technique that uses pigments that are combined with a plastic material, called an acrylic polymer. These, although they are soluble in water, are also resistant to humidity. To start in this artistic world there are many types of acrylic paint sets that you can buy.

One of its most notable characteristics is that they are quick-drying pigments, which means that we can repaint an area if we make a mistake. That is why this technique is considered to be one of the most appropriate for those who want to start in the world of painting. Also, their use is simple, they are easy to mix, manipulate and their price is quite accessible.

In contrast to other types of paintings and techniques (oil painting, tempera, etc.), acrylic painting does not have a great history.

It was at the beginning of the 20th century when the use of acrylics in painting began to be used. Although it was developed in parallel in Germany and the United States, in the latter, it was used to paint cars and buildings.

Some artists, who realized the versatility of this type of painting, began to use it for artistic purposes. An example of this is the American painters Barnett Newman and Morris Louis, who used the technique of dripping. Both painters used acrylic paint combined with turpentine.

Things you need to know about acrylic paint

First, you must understand exactly what acrylic paint is. It is a water-soluble medium made with a synthetic resin mixed with pigments. The fact that it is soluble in water means that when applied to a substrate, it dries quickly. It also means that you don't need solvents to thin your paint or to clean your palette or brushes, which makes working with it easy and exciting.

Acrylic paint is an incredibly versatile medium, as it is waterproof after it has been applied to the substrate and once it has dried. This is ideal for works that need to be transported immediately and, unlike other types of paint, the canvas can be rolled up without breaking the paint.

The most complete Acrylic paint set

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Tips and Tricks for Using the Acrylic paint set

If it is the first time you use it, or even if you already know it, painting with the acrylic paint set is always something unique that will inspire you and will spark a creative spark inside you that you did not know you had. The intense composition of acrylic paint will allow you to expand your limits and perfect techniques, and it will offer you the opportunity to play with colors.

The diversity of acrylic paint sets gives us the possibility to choose from a wide variety of supports on which to paint. These include paper, canvas, walls, wood, and leather. However, it will not adhere to a surface that is greasy or waxy.

Don't be scared by the quick drying of the paint. This just means that you will have to use different layers to get the intensity of the tones and shapes that you want. A spray bottle of water while you are using the acrylic paint set is handy to keep your palette from drying out, or you can even be more adept at using wet palettes. When it comes to mixing colors, try to keep it as low as two or three, otherwise, you could smear the paint and deteriorate your beautiful artwork.

When it comes to acrylic painting techniques, there are many exciting ways to turn your paintbrush into a magic wand. One popular method is gouache, which consists of diluting the acrylic paint so that it becomes something similar to watercolor. This allows you to create a translucent effect on the support.

Splatter is also a common way to use paint. To achieve this effect, use a wet brush and splash the paint on the holder. If you love landscapes or just want to add a surprising texture to your work, we recommend this method, as it can also be really fun.

You can also use a spatula. It may sound technical, and it might scare you, but don't worry, it's a unique way to get exclusive and personal work, regardless of your ability. Use the spatula to scrape, slice, and cut the paint on the holder, as if you were decorating a cake or spreading jam on toast.

Have fun painting with acrylic

The beauty of acrylic paint lies in the inexhaustible successes you can achieve. The tool options that you can use are so many that your art case will soon be full of all kinds of utensils or different acrylic paint sets. When you decide which supports you can paint on, your mind and the sky will be the limit. Acrylic paint, with Its diversity and adaptability, is very fun and ideal to let your imagination and artistic knowledge go as far as possible.

Whatever your level, filling the palette with an attractive mix of beautiful colors and shades and applying them to the chosen medium will not only be a journey of art and expression but also a way to find clarity through your own personal creativity. But most of all, make sure you enjoy the experience as you grow and learn with the magic of acrylic paint.