6 things you have to do before going to the pool to get your tan and protect your skin

6 things you have to do before going to the pool to get your tan and protect your skin

6 things you have to do before going to the pool to get your tan and protect your skin

If you have started planning your pool day or are lucky enough to be on the way to the beach, you have already prepared everything you need and bought those Inflatable pool floats that you liked so much in our store, these tips may interest you.

It is difficult for everyone to know that you have just arrived from the beach or the pool if you are still as white as snow, but if you want to go brown as quickly as possible, please do not use home remedies.

Try to avoid olive oil or mix cola with iodine for wounds. All those home "remedies" are only going to get you to burn yourself and expose your skin to the development of melanoma.

But you don't have to give up tanning if you do it in a healthy way. Here at KINREX, we show you the 6 things you have to do to protect your skin and get tan faster onboard your Inflatable pool float.

1. What you eat matters

As nutrition experts explain, "numerous studies show that beta-carotene, vitamin C and green tea actively intervene in the tanning process", so their consumption is more than recommended when looking for a tan more intense.

"Beta carotenes are transformed into vitamin A in the body, giving color to our skin and serving as protection against the action of ultraviolet rays. For its part, vitamin C favors the synthesis of collagen, a fundamental component of dermal tissues, thus achieving younger skin. Green tea, on the other hand, prevents skin cell DNA damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun."

2. Exfoliate the skin

If you want a luminous, even, and long-lasting tan when you are enjoying your drink on top of your Inflatable pool floats, it is important that you remember to exfoliate the skin beforehand to remove dead cells from the dermis. It is best to do it using circular massages, insisting on the back, elbows, knees, or feet.

3. Protect yourself from the sun

Never ever believe that "is that, if I put cream, I do not get tan" since it is something completely FALSE and very DANGEROUS. Sunscreens protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and help make the tan healthier and more beautiful, and prevent the appearance of spots. So choose one that you are not lazy to wear and take it with you everywhere this summer, try to apply it before jumping into the pool with your Inflatable pool floats.

4. Remember to renew protection

It is not only applying it but also how you do it. You have to put on sun protection 30 minutes before sun exposure and it has to be renewed every two hours or after taking a bath. For a little while you can lend someone else your Inflatable pool floats to follow this advice and do not forget to use a protector also on the ears (they are the big forgotten and burn easily) and the lips (there are balms with SPF that go wonderfully).

5. Hydrates the skin well

There is no uniform and luminous tan without proper hydration of the skin, both inside and out. The sun dries the skin excessively, so drink water continuously when you go to the pool or the beach, in our store we have a variety of Inflatable pool floats that have space to take your drink to the water. When you get home, use an aftersun that repairs and hydrates the skin, on the face, and on the body.

6. Use common sense

The sun has its good points, such as that it stimulates the production of vitamin D and makes us happier, but do not trust yourself and always avoid exposure in the central hours of the day (between 11:30 and 16:30).

To complete the care, apply an emollient cream after showering. In the case of healthy skin, it is enough to follow the usual routine and add an aftersun.

About the hair, remove chlorine well after each bath to avoid discoloration. It is also important to dry it well because moisture weakens and damages the hair fiber. For after the shower we suggest the use of hair repair.

Follow these tips and get ready to return from vacation with beautiful, dark skin by releasing your Inflatable pool floats.